Why we are awesome

Well simply: It’s our nature to be awesome.

But really, we just like creating websites for people. It is our belief that websites shouldn’t be for just the “big guys”. And no, we don’t believe you need to spend a fortune on having a simple and professional website.

Creating websites for people was a happy accident. One of those:

Oh could you do something simple for me?

And we went:

Yes of course! 

We haven’t stopped since then. In fact, Urban Designers is now a Singapore Registered Business Entity.

All our sites are on WordPress. We believe that the simple and straightforward CMS (*or content management system for those who get their knickers in knots over acronyms and proper use of words) is the way to go for a simple site. And when we say simple site, it still means a proper good looking site, but simplistic for the user (you lah!)

We get you your site and customize a template for you. If required we can help you with creating the content. Otherwise the provided content is uploaded to your site. Then we hand it over with all the backups in place.

That’s as simple as it is.

Thinking of setting up a website for your company or profile? Hit us up and we’ll get to you to discuss. We (both creators) travel a lot, so please allow some time for us to get back to you! And don’t worry – we definitely will!


This company is managed by the following awesome people:

Adeline Ng
Manager: Adeline Ng (Singapore)

Consultant: Nathan Ernest (Melbourne, Australia)