Amazing Adeline

Adeline Ng Adeline is a magician.

Not in the figurative manner of speech, but quite literally.

Bitten by the magic bug in 2004, Adeline joined the top illusionists in Asia, J C Sum & (then) ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, and began working her way up through the company.

Through her mentors, Adeline learnt invaluable PR, Marketing & Business Entrepreneurial skills. Her multi-faceted role in the company enabled her to learn & observe up close and personal from the top earning magicians in Singapore.

Encountering first hand the business of making the impossible to possible & the creation of a profitable businesses from ground up in an unconventional industry gave Adeline a different mindset, brain and edge over all others. Adeline’s strength is in the practical ground-up experience despite her age.

Adeline is passionate about making a difference or as Steve Jobs say, put a little dent in the history (albeit in the right way of course).

In Urban Designers, Adeline has many different things to handle, but her main job scope remains as finding out what the customer REALLY needs, and making that into a reality. “Impossible is Nothing.”